Mobile Office

Flexible Mobile Solutions

Create a mobile office wherever your job takes you with solutions from Preston Mobility & Bell.

Using a hotspot, connect one or many devices on a job site (laptops, smartphones, tablets and wireless printers) to help save on costs. You can quickly set up a network connection and connect multiple devices from just about anywhere.

Whether you are on the road, in the office or at a remote work site, your team will be able to stay connected on temporary job sites in remote areas with Wifi with our Mobile Office solutions.

Connect your laptop to the Internet and create a mini-network at any location on the go! Create your own personal hotspot anywhere you have a cell phone connection. Up to 10 wi-fi devices can easily connect at one time and with 11 hours of battery life, you can be sure to keep everyone up and running.

Connect your laptop to the Internet from any location on the go. Access to the Internet on the road, at client meetings or on the job site has never been this easy. With your USB modem turbo stick, you’ll be able to access the Internet on your laptop from any location with mobile access.

Create a mini-network and connect up to 15 laptops or other devices. Simply plug your Turbo Hub into any power outlet, and connect up to 15 devices using either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. Enjoy super-fast Internet with speeds of up to 50 GB. Share data across all of your devices.

Digital Forms & Workforce Management

Improve Accuracy & Stay on Budget

Complete deliveries and trips on time and on budget while replacing traditional paper forms with digital forms. You’ll improve accuracy by avoiding duplication, errors when decoding handwriting on forms used for recording delivery confirmation, project updates, and inspections.

Workforce management and digital forms give you access to:


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