Why Bell

Why Choose Bell for Your Business?

Bell provides client’s access to the largest LTE and 5G networks in Canada.

What does that mean for your business? You can get connected and stay connected in more places across Canada, so your business is always on. With an annual network investment of over 4 Billion dollars, rest assured that we are committed to power up businesses from coast-to-coast with the latest technology available. Plus, with roaming partnerships in over 230 destinations, Plus, Bell is the first Canadian carrier to offer 5G roaming across the U.S. on select 5G phones. we ensure that you get the coverage you need when traveling overseas. More Canadian businesses can rely on us for their connectivity solutions to help them remain competitive and more productive. Through our network strength, we are helping achieve their business goal.

Ranked #1 Canada’s Fastest Mobile Network*
Bell uses LTE Advanced, the world’s fastest Mobile technology.

Canada’s Largest LTE Network
Access to Canada’s largest LTE network, which covers Over 32 million Canadians from coast to coast.

What 5G will mean for Canada’s best network.
Our 5G enables theoretical peak download speed of up to 1.7 Gbps* in Select areas of Western Canada, (Average expected speeds between 21–402 Mbps in Vancouver).

A more reliable connection.
Bell connects the vast majority of cell towers with Fibre, the latest in network Infrastructure technology for a more reliable connection.

A Stronger LTE signal in more places across Canada.
Our in-building coverage improvements deliver a stronger LTE signal

A stronger LTE and 5G signal in more places across Canada.

Bell has added cell towers and made improvements in in-building coverage to give customers a better, stronger, more reliable signal in more places across Canada. Backed by the latest network infrastructure technology, Bell also gives you access to a network offering the most cell towers connected by fibre.

Building, maintaining and continually enhancing the entire Bell network takes hard work and dedication. 7500 employees strong, Bell only hires the most passionate and professional engineers to manage and support our network, all with the shared goal of providing Canadians with the absolute best, most advanced mobile experience and proving that mobility networks are not created equal. Last year alone, our network team drove over 1.4 million kilometers optimizing the network. That’s equivalent to driving from Halifax to Vancouver 300 times! Our super-fast LTE network cover 99% of the Canadian population. It will be the backbone for our 5G network as it expands across Canada to a similar footprint over the next few years.

The Bell 5G difference.

Not all 5G networks are created equal. While many may say they have 5G, it takes a leader in network innovation to build Canada’s best 5G network. Bell has the world-class infrastructure required to provide the coverage, reliability and support needed to deliver the network of the future


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